Thursday, 2 June 2011

Why don't they make summer tops with sleeves?!?

Summer tops Summer tops Summer tops Summer tops
I've been buying some summer tops from Dunnes, lately, and I've noticed that they don't really have anything available with sleeves. OK, you can get tops with sleeves, but nothing summery and nice!

I'm too old and fat to be wearing sleeveless tops, but since there was nothing else available, I've bought a few. So far, I've been wearing a cardigan as it's been sort of cold enough, but when it's a warm day and you can't wear a cardigan, then what?

In May, I actually did find one top that came with a separate see-through top underneath, which has sleeves (the last picture). It's better than nothing, I guess, so I'll probably be washing it a lot during the summer, and wearing the same see-through sleeves with all my other tops..?

Newsflash to Dunnes: Some people actually WANT nice summery tops with sleeves..

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