Friday, 8 July 2011

Know a good & free .mov video editor?

I made some depressing rain videos, on Wednesday, and thought I'd put them together, remove the original sound and replace it with some royalty free music..

I love my Nikon Coolpix P500 camera, but its video feature comes with the usual Nikon annoyance - .mov (Quicktime) file format..

I have Windows Movie Maker and an older version of Adobe Premiere, both of which are awesome video editors, but neither of them can handle .mov files. The camera came with Nikon software, which includes a video editor, but that's pretty crappy, to be honest..

The first sample video was put together with Nikon software. For starters, the transfer effect I picked, did not work this time. (It did work on an earlier video). They could also have more transfer effect options - and of course, it'd be awesome if they always worked.. Also, you couldn't do anything with the background music. You could ADD background music, and you could totally nuke the original sound, but for example, the piece I picked for music, was a bit longer than my video, so it would have been nice to fade out the music. There didn't seem to be such option. At that point, I couldn't bother going Audacity or something, to create a music file that would have been just the right length for the video..

I googled for free .mov editors, and the only decent one I found was AVS Video Editor 6.0, which is free to download and install, but when you save a video that's made with the free version, there's an annoying logo in the middle of the picture. The logo seems to disappear after the first minute, though, but still.. Other than that, the editor seemed good. Plenty of transfer effect options, although I didn't actually try any of those yet, so can't comment on them..

The paid version is not that expensive, at the moment - they have July sale (plus VAT., for EU customers..), but I'd hate having to pay for a video editor as I already have two awesome editors, just that my camera has to make files that aren't suitable.. Bleh..

I was also thinking of converting the files first, and then using the video editors I already have, but Real Player just gives a codec error if you attempt converting Quicktime movies with it.. (I haven't googled for other converter software.)

Sooo.. Should anyone know a Good and Free video editor, which can handle .mov files, please, recommend! I want to be able to trim videos, fade in/out (both picture and sound, together or separately), a few different transfer effect options would be good, option to add titles / subtitles to any part of the video (and also customise their font / size / colours..), and I want to add and/or replace sounds..

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