Monday, 14 November 2011

Looking for an old picture

Galway, 1997 (photo: CLB)

Annoying.. I have some old photos on various old hard drives, here and there, but my PC has been more or less in bits, for the last few years, so I can't access those files, at the moment. Most of the pictures are also online, but I can't remember where, and since I can't get FTP access to those sites anymore (some don't allow it with a different ISP, some don't allow it at all, anymore, etc..), it's pretty impossible to find them as my old bookmarks to direct files are also on my old PC, lol..

Anyway.. I was sort of looking for a certain picture, to see if my favourite shoes were visible or not (since I've no other pictures of them, and I binned them years and years ago..), but all I could find was the one above. I was 25, and in my Salthill living room. I still miss that place, and that table. Ever since I moved to Bray (in '99), I've had nowhere to draw. I can't draw on a round table, which is what I have in the attic. There's a decent table downstairs, nowadays, but Oimo has taken over it, so it's his bed now..

I miss being able to draw comics and stuff..

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