Saturday, 19 November 2011

Misc. snaps

Skyrim dragon
Skyrim dragon - and a very poor snap.. I love the Skyrim world, but I wouldn't be interested enough to buy a copy of my own. Also, doesn't the name of the game sound kinda kinky?!? :o

Pandora effects with voice
The other day, I was looking for something in the box room - can't remember what it was. However, I ended up finding my Pandora, which I'd been looking for as well, some time ago.. I decided to clean my Roland speakers while at it, and bring them to the attic and use them with the laptop. The difference in sound quality is amazing.. I had to listen to loads of music, right away!

It took me a while to find the way to get my microphone and Pandora working on the laptop;

Pandora effects with voice Pandora effects with voice

Pandora effects with voice Pandora effects with voice
Eventually, my laptop is displaying them as my webcam microphone, but I don't care as long as it works! I wonder there my Pandora cable is, though.. Must use batteries for now..

Pushy in the attic

Pushy approves..

Pushy in the attic Pushy in the attic

Pushy in the attic

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