Thursday, 10 November 2011

November grub

In Glencree 2 x cup-a-soup (mushroom)
Left; chicken goujons, chips, salad & dip (in Glencree).. Right; 2 x mushroom cup-a-soup, in my fine attic dining plastic bowl..

Yoplait hazelnut yogurt (mental note: never buy this stuff again..), and a caramel digestive.. Years and years ago, when I lived in Galway, I remember buying a nutty yogurt as it sounded so weird.. And I loved it! Unfortunately, I can't remember the brand, or which nuts were used - however, it clearly wasn't Yoplait hazelnut yogurt as I really didn't like this stuff.. (I ate it, though, because I don't like wasting food.)

Pilsner Urquell Tesco bitter lemon (new label!)
I haven't had much alcohol, this year, but I had some beer, some weeks/months ago, and it was quite nice. So, I bought two more. Eventually, I didn't even have them both on the same day! Yet another thing that seems to be over, for me. Tesco bitter lemon is still addictive, though. I'm usually into full calorie everything (I hate 'light' foods & drinks, and all kinds of 'diet' things), but I think that the low calorie Tesco bitter lemon tastes nicer than the sugar version.

Chicken & bacon pasta Chicken & bacon pasta
Tesco chicken & bacon pasta.

Tayto Occasions party mix Oreo
Tayto Occasions party mix, and Oreo bikkies.. I'd never tried Oreos until some months ago. There are similar Finnish bikkies, called Domino, but Oreos are nicer.

Sambo and beer
Cheese & cucumber sambo, and beer.. The age of tuna salads seems to be over, and I've been mainly living on sambos, crisps and bikkies, lately..

Glenview Hotel & gardens - 90th birthday 90th birthday cake
90th birthday grub.. I had salmon (at Glenview Hotel).. The cake was from a place on Bray Main Street - can't remember their name, but their sponge cake is gorgeous.

Sardine sambos & brack Orangina
Left; the last of my Finnish rye bread, with sardines (in tomato sauce), and some brack.. Right; Orangina.. I had my first ever Orangina in London, in '89, and I loved it! (You couldn't get it in Finland, at the time - I don't know if you can, nowadays?) It was in those cute little round glass bottles.. I wonder if they still sell them? I don't even remember when I'd last had any Orangina (could be 10 years ago, could be 15..), so I bought a six-pack, the other day. I only wanted one, really, but I could only find six-packs. Oh well, it's still lovely..

Lunchables Lunchables
This is something else I hadn't eaten since Galway.. So, I got one for a snack. Probably won't be buying this stuff again, though. Not as nice anymore.

Yogurt Soda bread minis & salmon
Left; Activia Prune yogurt.. I've been having lots of Greek yogurt, but I felt a bit bored with it.. This was nice as well.. Right; mini soda bread (not listed here, for some reason), with smoked salmon.


  1. Everything looks nice. I have seen those Orangina glass bottle in Health stores (!!?), it's K's favorite and we usually bought them from North as not available here earlier.

    That "lunchables" box I usually bought to Miriam when we are flying somewhere.

    Prune Activia - mmmmmmmm...

  2. Just having my last Orangina now, mmmm.. (I found the six-packs in Dunnes)

    Kids probably love Lunchables. I used to like them in Galway, but not anymore.

    Prune Activia is nice alright.. (Just had one, a little while ago!)