Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Some more Blogthings..

You Have a Wild Imagination

You can think or dream anything. You have very vivid and colorful thoughts.
You have a refreshing and bold attitude. People can count on you to be honest.
You are peaceful and pretty zen like. You live in the moment.
You are a very together person. It's hard to phase you.

You Are a Crab

You can be an emotional and sensitive creature. Things get to you.
You are a bit withdrawn and shy, but you're also willing to come out of your shell sometimes.
You are quite flexible and easy going if your trust is earned. You like to observe quietly.
You move with the rhythm of life. You try not to fight anything.

You're Sweet Because You're Wise

In this crazy world, you are often the voice of reason. You don't panic.
You stand back, assess the situation, and figure out the best course of action.
You're a cool customer, and your friends appreciate your well reasoned advice.
You know that being stressed out only makes things worse, so you try to keep your head about you.

You Are Compassionate to Yourself

You see yourself as a caring and warm person. You need to love and be loved.
You think other people see you as kind, gentle, and cooperative. You try to be helpful.
You want to see yourself as ingenious and clever. You'd like to be a quicker thinker.
You identify as a compassionate and accepting person. You pride yourself on being forgiving.

Adventure is in Your Big Picture

Right now you're going where no person has gone before. There isn't a well paved path to your destination.
You like taking life as it comes. You enjoy your future being a surprise.
You approach each day with no expectations, and you are willing to accept whatever happens.
You are amazed by every experience you have. You savor the ups and downs of life.

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