Monday, 28 May 2012

About the ESC 2012 final..

ESC 2012 final omnoms
I had plenty of omnoms again, and lots of cold drinks as the attic was (and still is) like a sauna..

Here's my Facebook commentary:

Stella Stenroos Dé Sathairn ag 20:01
OK... First song..
I don't think this has any chance of winning, but I like the song - UK / Engelbert Humperdinck.. Beautiful old-fashioned tune, professional performance..
Hungary.. I like their song..
..It doesn't sounds as good tonight, though..
I'll be burping red onions tomorrow, with the amount of them in my tuna salad..
Oh, Albania and the theatrical bursting lady.. :o
This is very sci-fi, really.. :o
Oh, no.. Lithuania.. They were dead boring..
Bosnia & Herzegovina is still as boring as Lithuania, just like in the semi..
Grannies were cute, but I hope they won't win this.. The song wasn't good enough, and they'd have to tour all over the place.. They're old..
Iceland now..
This is not bad, but it's so typical..
Cyprus.. This is funny =)
How did she ever memorise the lyrics..? :-#
This isn't doing anything to me..
Those boxes reminded me.. Must go to IKEA someday..
Italy going for Amy Winehouse look..
The song isn't that special..
Estonia! I like their song..
Omnomnom, melons..
(That was not a song related comment, lol..)
Norway.. That piercing sound still drives me nuts..
They don't sound good..
Azerbaijan now.. Is that the same lady who won last year, or do they all look alike?
Oh, no, I don't think it's her.. *after close-up*
I love that afro!! =D
Jebus, it's SO hot in the attic..
Denmark is sort of boring, and I don't like her voice.. Too sharp..
Greece now..
This is so typical..
Awesome - Sweden! =D
Oh, no.. Turkey.. They were shyte.
Spain.. I'm bored already..
Germany.. Sounds boring for now..
Still boring..
Malta is OK..
F.Y.R. Macedonia now, and then JEDWARD!!!
Oh, this one..
Come on.. JEDWARD time already...
Jedward ♥
Wetward =)
I love Serbia as well..
Ukraine with the shouting woman and fun dancers..
Colin Farrell and the fashion show from Moldova..
OK, I voted for Sweden (since I can't vote for Jedward)..
Here comes the excitement..
Oh, it begins..
Well, it looks like Sweden will win.. Songwise, it WAS my favourite, so not too disappointing..
Heja Sverige! *gonna watch it again now*

(I was also commenting on Twitter..)

So, I was happy with the winner as the song WAS the best of them, but I was very disappointed for Jedward as they would have deserved much more points than what they actually got.

As I said on Twitter, maybe Ireland should send someone who is originally from a 'well-neighboured' country, to ESC 2013...

But here's Loreen with her winning song;

And here's a different version of it, from yesterday, by Swedish Royal Guards;

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