Friday, 11 May 2012

Fifth driving lesson - N11 (to Newtownmountkennedy and back)

O-M-G.. My heart rate is still something like this;

I had a 9:30am driving lesson, and I kind of expected to practice parking somewhere quiet.. Instead, I ended up taking the N11 to Newtownmountkennedy and back! Jesus H. Christ.. THAT was intimidating!!! :O Not the N11 itself - I was fine while on it, but the slip roads.. Everything looks closer than they actually are, in the mirrors, and of course, there had to be lorries on my first attempt.. :o I do NOT look forward to doing that again, but of course, I'll have to, or I'll never get used to it.. (Today's route on

It's becoming a problem now, that I'm not getting any driving practice between lessons.. (Ideally, I'd need to practice at least around three hours between lessons, but I haven't had a chance to do any practice driving at all, and today was my fifth lesson already..) I'll be browsing, this weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to buy something next week..

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