Friday, 11 May 2012

From favourite scary TV moments to Japanese horror

A net friend shared this old Bob video (from Twin Peaks) on Facebook, and it made me think of my favourite scary TV moments.. This particular piece would be #2 on that list - here's my #1:

It's Sadako, from Ringu (don't even mention the American copycat version - I will forever refuse to watch that pathetic crap..) - the bit where she crawls out of the telly.. Awesome.. As a full movie, I kind of preferred Ringu 2 as it felt somehow heavier..

Ôdishon (Audition) was an interesting Japanese horror film.. If you don't know anything about it, and plan to watch it someday, then maybe you should skip over this part as I'd hate to ruin the experience..

[SPOILERish] I started watching it, some years ago, expecting a Japanese horror film.. It turned out to be a slow paced drama.. for a good while.. I kept watching as I enjoy all kinds of movies, but I was wondering why it had been categorised as horror.. Well, it became very clear, later on! :O Maybe the most uncomfortable movie experiences, ever, but genius at the same time..[/SPOILERish]

I didn't find Ju-On (The Grudge - again, the Japanese remake of the Japanese original, NOT some American bastardised version..) scary as such, but it had loads and loads of "BOO!" moments, which were very good!

I haven't really seen any horror movies lately, but generally, the Western stuff is often too predictable (and stupid), whereas the Japanese (or other Asian) stuff can really scare you.. A part of it is probably the fact that you don't understand the language, and the cultural differences are pretty huge, so they can really surprise you with the plot twists..

There was a Japanese web page, which was sort of 'neverending' (as in, you could scroll down as much as you liked, and it would always continue..), and had some really strange and/or disturbing material.. I sometimes visited it, but I seem to have lost the URL =/

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