Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My fourth driving lesson on Tuesday

I could really use some practice between my driving lessons, but it's not an option, unfortunately, so I'm trying not to leave too much of a gap between lessons.. I have to buy a car soonish, so I'll get to do some practice driving!

This time, I started from home, drove to Seapoint Road, Strand Road, Sidmonton Avenue, Sidmonton Place (?), Novara Avenue, Main Street, Vevay Road, Southern Cross Road, (Giltspur Lane), and Woodies DIY (retail park)..Practiced hill start while there, and did a bit of a n00b clutch fuck-up, oops.. I was expecting to do parking during the next lesson, so wasn't prepared at all when John suggested me to pick anywhere (on the empty parking lot) and park the car.. it showed.. :o (We are actually going to do parking during the next lesson, though..)

Took the same route back, all the way to Vevay Road, but then turned to Putland Road and Meath Road, Adelaide Road, Quinsboro Road, Seymour Road, Seapoint Road, and Seapoint Court.

My route on

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