Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oimo update

Oimo and Aztec crafts
Amazingly, Oimo is still doing fine!

It has now been three weeks from the diagnosis, and things looked so bleak back then.. He has since been on antibiotics, and the medication has made a huge difference! He got a month's supply of antibiotics, on Friday, and we'll just see how it goes..

Just the other day, he'd helped himself to the fridge, for a morning snack of raw sausages.. There was even a weight, blocking the fridge door (as Oimo has been doing unauthorised fridge inspections lately..), but he'd still managed to open the door - and he never closes it, so when I went to the kitchen in the morning, the door was ajar, and the sausages were on the floor, half-nibbled.. The patient himself wanted to go out (hmmm.. after raw sausages..), and when he came back and got his proper morning meal, he ate it with his ears in the "I've been good.." position, and you could almost see the little halo over his innocent head.......

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