Sunday, 27 May 2012

One of those mornings..

Yesterday, I was supposed to go to H's Confirmation Mass, but I ended up having one of those mornings when everything goes wrong, so I got pissed off and didn't go.

I had just bought my first ever nail repair glue, on Friday, to fix a nail that was slightly broken. It worked well, but then I broke another one on Saturday morning, and it couldn't be fixed, so I had to cut them all to stumps. I like to have long nails as they're useful tools for crafts and many other things, so it sucks not to have them now, just because I had to hurry and try to make it somewhere where I didn't even go, eventually!

It was a really hot morning as well (and hadn't actually cooled down at all, during the night), and I don't really have summer clothing (or money to buy some). I ripped my only good pair of jeans, and when I'd put on the only top that's light enough, I noticed that it's a bit more 'boobs out' than I remembered, and wasn't suitable at all for church. At that point, I was all crimson and sweaty, too, so I changed back to attic gear and decided to stay at home.

I did go for a spin, though, later on. I just had to get out of Bray and somewhere where I could breathe. The attic is like a sauna, and I hate sauna. I'll post spin pics, in a while..

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