Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ginga again

Poor Ginga is getting blind.. He can see a little bit during the day, but appears to see nothing at all in the dark.. So, I've started building more trust, in case I need to catch him for a vet visit or anything.. He is loving our cuddle sessions, and I'm even getting headbutts, but I haven't tried picking him up, and I don't think that he'd be ready for that quite yet.. I also don't want to scare him! He knows the back garden well as he's lived there pretty much all his life (and 17-18 years is a respectable age for a semi-feral cat), so with regular feeding and all, he's still doing OK. Being realistic, though, I don't know if he'll see another winter.. I'm watching him, and if it looks like he's not enjoying life anymore, I'm going to have to do the hard decision.. (There's another one of those decisions lurking in the future as Oimo is still with us, but I do hope for more extra time..)


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