Thursday, 11 October 2012

Morning spin to Ashford, head check, and shopping

It had been six weeks and a day (!!!) since I'd done any driving, so on a cold, dark and rainy morning (today), I thought I might as well do a Saxon tea run to Ashford and back =D Most of that tea ended up on Esmeralda floor, though, LOL..

I may have been driving on my own, which would have been a total rush =D (This reminds me - must book those driving lessons I still need, before I can take the test..)

Got my spare phone back as well, with some Saxon photos =)

Driving back, I was surprised to see that morning rush hour started way earlier than I'd imagined.. :o I was OK, though! I actually find it much easier to drive when I'm on my own. Most people intimidate me. Can't wait to get the full licence..

Later on, I went to get my head examined - LOL.. (I banged the back of my head really hard against a trailer, last Friday, and it's still sore, so I wanted to make sure that there's no damage.. I'm fine - just some swelling, which is not dangerous. I got paracetamol on prescription, which was nice as it's so feckin' expensive to buy..)

I bought some Euro shop stuff for Esmeralda (a car bin, a set of screwdrivers, and a torch), and lots of foodies.. Yum.

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