Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Protect Dublin Bay from large oil drill 2012

There is a public meeting today (Tuesday 13th November) at 8pm, in the Fitzpatrick’s Killiney Castle Hotel. See/Like: ‎Protect Dublin Bay From Large Oil Drill 2012 (on Facebook). I'd like to go, but I'm trying to shake a very unfortunately timed cold, so I probably won't..

I found this following bit very interesting (yet not surprising at all);

This Unfortunately Is Not A Joke, Some Irish Ministers, TD's & Councillors Actually Have Shares In The Oil Company Providence Resources That Was Swiftly Granted An Oil/Gas Foreshore Drilling Licence Which At 6KM To The Shore Puts At Grave Risk The Dublin & Wicklow Coast. Only Shareholders Are Set To Gain Profits And The Nation Takes All The Risk. Councillors, TD's & Ministers Effectively Ignored Widespread Calls For A Public Enquiry & Denied The Public Any Right Of Engagement. It Is Now Time For A More Mature Way Of Managing Our National Resources In The Best Interests Of The Country And The Environment. We Call On All Politicians To Open The Discussion For A Better Way That Takes Into Consideration Our Economic Sovereignty And Environment. The Simple Truth Is Out. Lets Grow Up As A Nation With Everyone Working Together And Start To Do Things To The Best Of Our Collective Ability !

(Quoted from a Facebook photo caption, which has since disappeared - shame.. the "Dáil Rig" photo was priceless..)

MAKE NOISE ABOUT THIS!!! There's something VERY dodgy about it...

Added @11pm; There will probably be more about the  public meeting, on the Facebook page I've linked above, but for now, check out the comments here - some idea of what went on. (I wasn't there myself, so relying on info posted online..)

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