Sunday, 6 January 2013

How the Council of Eejits killed retail in Eejitville by introducing the Klampers Mob...

Imagine a fictional town called Eejitville, governed by a Council of Eejits who keep congratulating themselves everyday, for having built themselves fancy new offices when the times were good. Now, imagine that the times were not so good anymore.. (Not that you have to imagine very hard..) Not to worry! The Council of Eejits can always feel secure, not being held accountable for anything at all, ever!

So, they may have (totally fucked up and) sold their town parking to the Klampers Mob, killing local retail as people would rather drive off and shop elsewhere, where parking is free.. Who cares?! (Except maybe all those local retailers who have to shut down their businesses, and all those local people who'd WANT to shop local, but not when parking costs an arm and a leg, and being a few seconds late from your paid parking expiration time, will result in having your car clamped.. But who cares about them, right?!) Oh, and they might never be able to get rid of the Klampers Mob, or they might get sued for breach of contract, and that might just be a shit storm big enough to cause serious trouble, even for the Council of Eejits... No, no, no.. We can't have that..

Well, maybe the Council of Eejits should do something nice, to make people forget all about that nasty parking fiasco ("Oops, we really fucked up there, but if we do THIS, maybe no one will notice?...") Oh! Oh! Like, let's have some pretty flower baskets! And let's help the local businesses by putting up big "Shop Local" banners! ... The thing is, everyone still knows that the Council of Eejits fucked up and killed retail in Eejitville.

Once you start paying the mob, you can never get rid of them.

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