Thursday, 24 January 2013

So, I booked flights..

I will be flying to Frankfurt, and then I'll be flying somewhere else, but I won't say where and I won't say when =D (Not anytime soon, though.)

I'll have to loiter in Frankfurt for over 12 hours between flights, which will be "fun".. (Minimum budget, expensive airport food, boredom..) I'll have to pack my handbag full of Nature Valley sweet & nutty peanut bars.. Would Lufthansa let me carry a crochet hook in my handbag? Maybe if it's a plastic one..? Something to do..

Btw, I was somewhat unimpressed to notice that doesn't mask your password in the URL.. When you click for the printable version of your booking, you can see your password in the address bar as a part of the URL, and when you print out the booking, your password will be included in the URL as well. There are several ways other people might get your password! If you share computers and don't clear the browser history, anyone using the computer after you, could get your password and change or cancel your flights - maybe even causing charges on your credit card, if you've saved billing info.. Also, if you don't notice the password on the printed out sheets, anyone who sees them, will know your password. (I've mentioned this on Facebook, and tagged ebookers Ireland, so hopefully they'll fix it a.s.a.p.)


  1. Hi Stella, thank you for notifying us of the issue. We're currently investigating why this is occurring so that we can take necessary action to fix it.

    1. No problemo. Glad to hear that you're working on fixing it =)