Monday, 4 March 2013

I made a little fridge (about 1:16 scale)

Making a dummy fridge
I hadn't really done anything with my Lundby dollhouse, since wallpapering and carpeting it, last year. So, yesterday, I thought I'd make something for it..

I actually started working on a corner sofa, but the upholstery material I was going to use, was not a suitable colour at all.. So, I found myself making a little dummy fridge!

Making a dummy fridge Making a dummy fridge
I got fridge measurements from IKEA website (=very useful for this purpose!), then divided them by 16, and rounded up to the nearest cm as there's some variation in the Lundby scale, anyway.. (I blogged about that before).

For material, I used an empty Nature Valley bar box (=thin enough to be easy to fold, but strong enough to keep its form). Once I'd folded it in fridge shape, I covered it with "metal" adhesive stuff, and drew the door lines with a black CD marker.

I was going to use superglue to add the handle beads, but that was a very poor choice.. I had to add a new piece of "metal" sheet on the freezer door, to hide the glue stains.. Eventually, I got Gregory out (he's my hot glue gun), and used hot glue, which was perfect.

Making a dummy fridge
I want to make the house look like someone actually lives there, so I needed some fridge magnets and post-its.. Pink post-its were cut from a real 1:1 one, and I used a 0.05 pen to write the shopping list and love note.. Fridge magnets were cut from tiny stickers, and don't look good on the close-up photos as my scissors were not so great for this tiny detail, but they look fine in the dollhouse as you can't actually see the ugly details there =D

Making a dummy fridge Making a dummy fridge
I didn't bother making a top or bottom for the fridge as the way I'm laying out the kitchen, means that no one will ever see those parts, anyway.. After all, it won't be a playable toy house, it'll be an illusion for myself.

Looking for a spot for Christmas present furniture Looking for a spot for Christmas present furniture
I was also playing with the piece of furniture I got for Christmas (thanks, Maaria!). It would look gorgeous in the large part of the living room (top left), but it will probably end up in the small part (top right) as that's where I'm planning to have a little dining table.. It won't be that far in the corner, though. I think I'll have a house plant in that corner. Btw, all those doors and drawers actually work!!

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