Saturday, 20 April 2013

I bought a second hand futon today

Source: via Stella on Pinterest

The other day, I joined a Facebook group, which is like a virtual flea market for South Co. Dublin and North Co. Wicklow. I wasn't even looking to buy, sell or swap anything, just thought I'd join, in case it would become handy, at some point..

Once I got accepted by the admin, I thought I'd have a quick browse, just to see what type of stuff there was, and then I saw it.. Someone was offering to sell a futon chairbed (by The Futon Shop) for €50, in Delgany.

Well. I haven't really had a bed or a mattress for the last 14+ years, and I thought I could spend €50, so I contacted the person who'd posted the ad, and now the futon is mine =D

The above pin shows a very similar one, only with a different cover (very nice cover, btw! might make a new cover for it, someday..). Below, my futon, pictured by the seller - it'll be a while until I can get pictures of it as the frame needs to be taken apart before I can fit it through the Stira, so I'll just be using the futon part for now.

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