Saturday, 31 October 2009

Adding widgets

My old blog had way too many widgets and things, on the side panel.. I'm trying not to go as widget crazy here, but I've added some basics, and I might be adding a few more, when I come across something interesting.
I've added the Google Friend Connect widget as I find it very handy on other people's blogs (feel free to hit the Follow button!). That's the only widget I've placed above the blog navigation.
If you scroll down, to the "I power Blogger" button and the feed link, you'll find the rest of my blog widgets..
There are three random photos from my Flickr albums - you can find thousands more, by clicking on them..
I like to follow some basic weather info, and as I'm often in the attic, my quickest way of checking the weather is to check it online! (Unless it's stormy or rainy - I can hear that..) So, below my Flickr widget, you'll find Dublin weather and sun & moon buttons, and Bray weather button, which measures the current weather right across the road from where we live!
And finally, there's the Live Traffic Feed widget, from Feedjit. That's all, for now...

1/11/2009: I added a Facebook widget, above the Flickr yoke, and there's also a Networked Blogs (FB) widget, below the others..
3/11/2009: I added a Facebook badge for Bray Forum fan page; it's right below my personal Facebook widget.

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