Sunday, 29 November 2009

Triple-hammered pork in Stepaside, etc.

We were at J&E's in Stepaside, yesterday. They'd cooked Finnish style food, and as we tried to figure out how to translate it, we ended up with "triple-hammered pork".. Now that I think of it, though.. I think we left out the final hammering, when the boneless cutlet is hammered thin :o Use your imagination for the rest of it!

There was a fine natural light show, in the form of thunder and lightning. It was not much, but it was one of the biggest I've seen in Ireland. Proper thunder is one of the things I miss from Finland. The kind that hovers around the area for a few days, and then arrives, sounding like a few World Wars and heavy metal festivals rolled together, splitting huge trees, etc.. Awesome.

We went to the Step Inn for one drink, but the place was horribly packed and noisy.. I'm too old for that stuff!! :O

As soon as we got home (via Cornelscourt), we watched a comedy, which turned out to be quite disappointing - Love Guru. It had its moments, but in general, not nearly as good as we'd expected, with that cast..

Then, I got the Christmas decorations from the attic, cleaned the living room window sill, and put the lights and decorations up. (I'll upload the photos, later today..) I was done at around 5am, but I needed my online fix, so I'm still up, but not for long..

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