Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Oooh, vampire boy.. LOL

Freebie Twilight (thanks to
I spent 1500 piggy points (on on a free copy of Twilight, the book. I was aware of these books and movies, but I probably wouldn't have touched them, had my mam not hyped the books. I mean, my mam - reading vampire books :O If it's not my genre, it's totally not her genre, and I keep forgetting to ask her how on earth did she even come to read Twilight, in the first place..

However, she did, and she loved it, so much that she had to buy the other books as well.. And THAT made me curious about these books! LOL.. When I had a chance to get a free Twilight, I grabbed it, and I'm glad I did..

I'm 38, drooling after a 17yo vampire boy. Cougar, eh?!? :o Well, I like to remind myself that he WAS actually born in 1901, so in that way, he was older than my grandparents, and I'm no cougar, after all =P

I decided to Google "Edward Cullen" (=the name of that vampire boy), before writing this entry, and I had to laugh when the top Google suggestion was "edward cullen vibrator".. I mean, really.. WTF?!? Well, check it out.. :o (No, I don't want one!!!)

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