Friday, 19 February 2010

So close, yet €2 away...

D50 kindly promised that I could utilise his book vouchers (one's for €10, the other one's for €30) to get my vampire fix, i.e., to buy the remaining three books of the Twilight series..

So, I went to the book shop today and found them all - woohoo! However, I ended up not buying any of them :O The second and third book were €8.99 each, and the fourth one was €13.99. When you use the vouchers, you get no money back if the voucher is worth more than whatever it is you're buying. (Of course, if you're buying something more expensive, you can use the voucher and cash.) So, I just couldn't bring myself to use a €10 voucher to buy a €8.99 book. My other (and much more tempting) option was to buy all three, by using the €30 voucher, but I'd have needed €1.97, and I just didn't have that much cash! Waaah! Waaah! No vampire fix for me! Waaah!

Anyway, I need to go out again today as I need to collect a parcel (we didn't hear the doorbell, earlier on..), so now that I'm after getting a €2 donation, I can go and buy the books as well. OMG, I can see myself reading, this weekend.. LOL

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