Friday, 12 March 2010

Comedy club..

S38: [appears at the bedroom door, with the bank letter about her royalty payments, which are still directed to D50's account as the publisher isn't replying to email] ... [puts on a mock American accent] You owe me 500 Dollars! [expectant smile]
D50: What? [amused]
S38: [repeats] You owe me 500 Dollars! [looks at the letter] It's €67.99, and the rest is interest.. for Me! [makes a self-introductory hand gesture towards herself] ... And, I'll also want money for booze, and I'll want sex, I'll want drugs, and I'll want rock'n'roll! Not necessarily in that order - we can have drugs and rock'n'roll first, and then sex! [expectant smile]
D50: [sighs & gives up]

* * * * *

S38: [continues, after joking about a botox ad.. referring to D50] Youthful complexion! [touches D50's face]
D50: [laughs] Youthful complexion! [touches his stubble] Ouch! I cut my hand! [exaggerates the drama]
S38: ... This baby's arse is really hairy! [referring to Homer Simpson's aftershave line]
D50: [laughs] Who shaved the baby?! [accusingly]
S38: And a fine job he did! [with the old Irish man's accent, of The Simpsons]

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