Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Don't play Country Story on Facebook

I've been playing Country Story on Facebook, for ages.. It used to be a really nice game, but recently, they've made some really poor changes, leaving it unplayable at times, and now they've really pissed me off with their reply to my support ticket - I just can NOT stand stupidity!

This is the support ticket I sent:

Country Story Bug Report

Blossoming Bijou tree disappeared


I had a Blossoming Bijou tree, which was levelled up to the max. I am attaching a screenshot where you can see it (blosbij1.jpg - top right). Yesterday, the tree had suddenly disappeared, and would not re-appear after I'd reloaded the game. In my other screenshot, you can see the gap, where that tree used to be (blosbij2.jpg).

I would like to get my tree back (on max level as well, please). I _do_ actually have three Valentines heart tree spirits left, so I could purchase and upgrade the tree again, but I would prefer to keep those tree spirits. Also, I've already purchased and upgraded the tree, so I really should get it back without having to spend any more tree spirits...

Thank you,



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First, I received the typical auto-reply;

Thank you for your recent enquiry.

This is an automated response to confirm that we have received your ticket.

Note that most requested support tickets are already answered in our Knowledgebase that is found on our support site:

If you already find a solution to your problem before we get a chance to respond, please update this ticket and mark it as Closed.

Playfish Support
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And this was their actual reply;
From: Playfish Support SB
thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Playfish.
Note that to plant your magic trees that you now need to go to the following menu: Shop&Storage -> Seed&Tree Shop -> Magic Tree -> Plant
Playfish Support
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And then they CLOSED the support ticket!! There's no way to reply to it anymore!!
Like WHAT KIND OF A FUCKIN' INBRED CUNT would send a reply like that?!?
I wasn't asking how to plant the fuckin' things, I am well able to do that, and HAD done it, as well as levelling the magic tree up to the max! Their stupid game STOLE my tree, and I want it back!
At least they could hire someone who can READ (and write), that'd be a start.


  1. Update:

    As those inbred cunts never returned the tree their poorly programmed game STOLE from me, I decided to re-buy the tree by using the last three Valentines heart tree spirits, which can't be collected anymore as they were only around in February.. (That's why I wanted to KEEP them, as collector's items)

    So, I did that, and also levelled it up to the max, which used up ALL my Valentines hearts.

    Did I get a new tree? NO!

    The fucking game STOLE my hearts and didn't even give me anything! (Now they are offering me the option to BUY more hearts, with REAL MONEY! AS IF!)

    I sincerely hope that anyone who ever had ANYTHING to do with creating Country Story, will get gang-raped by HIV positive monsters and slowly tortured to death. There. Fucking cunts.

  2. Update:

    I got my Blossoming Bijou tree back, but I lost the three Valentines heart tree spirits, which I had to spend re-buying the tree (and not even getting it, at the time).

    I don't like this thieving game anymore, but as I've spent some money on it (from phone credits), I'm still hanging on.. I won't be buying any more extras, though, because I'm not impressed with the way they didn't deal with this.