Thursday, 17 June 2010

I hate pontificating 'artists'

I'm going to watch the late repeat of Shortland Street, so I'm having to suffer through About Beauty; Installation artist Dorothy Cross travels to New Ireland near Papua New Guinea to explain the motivations behind some of her more abstract work. Featuring music by Michael Fleming of The Jimmy Cake.

I can't stand artists who pontificate on art. This snobby woman seems to think she's better than the rest of us, and that she knows everything. I could switch off the volume, but even her body language makes it very obvious - head tilted backwards, sneering expression, one hand up in a lecturing position. Yuck.

Besides, no one has the authority to really define art. She clearly disagrees..

I've also always been allergic to artists who go on and on and on, explaining their art, what message they are attempting to portray, etc.. Well, here's a newsflash: if you need to explain it that much, then maybe you've failed in the first place?!


  1. Thank you!! Being a professional artist myself, you expressed all I dislike with the "myth" modern artists are trying to surround themselves with...

    Troels Kirk

  2. You're welcome =P

    By the way, I checked out your blog, and really enjoyed the art! Stunning..