Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The third and final (!!!) "last day" of Camelot! LOL

The last day of Camelot (S1)
At this point, it's a bit ridiculous already, but yes, I had my very last day of Camelot today - again.. For the third (and final, apparently) time..

The very last day of Camelot (S1)
There was snow again, and people still hadn't had enough with snow fight (after Monday), so it went on for the whole day.. This time, some of it also took place in the portacabin, which was a complete mess.. But the day was otherwise quiet, and I loved being there. I was the only female extra, until they got a first-timer in, later on. Due to call times and all, I got my little share of "star treatment" (hehe..) as I had the whole hair and makeup cabin and team all for myself =D I got another costume as well, which was actually my 10th!

The very last day of Camelot (S1)
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