Wednesday 19 November 2014

Some long weekends ahead

Not much left of this year, and I had some vacation days left, so rather than taking a week off (and some), I'm going to have some longer weekends =) (I'd already booked that last week, earlier on..)

I'm planning (well, hoping..) to do some Christmas shopping, and visit Fran's new gallery in Roundwood. Other than that, no plans.

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Randamu (Random) - my short horror film =)

Edited on 30th October; Unfortunately, you can no longer watch this short horror film.

When I asked for permission to shoot on that location, I didn't even ask for permission to share it online as I thought I'd never get it - however, it was included in the written permission, as long as I got everyone appearing on it, to sign their permission to share it.

I asked  person X, if they could print out release forms for me, so I could have all the 'actors' sign them, before I'd share the film online. Person X was very helpful, printed out the forms for me, and never said a thing about it being an issue, that I was going to share the film online.

I had everyone (including myself) sign the release form, so I had the original permission to shoot and share, and the release forms from all involved. I uploaded the film to Youtube.

On the following day, person X (who'd printed out those release forms for me), phoned me, started by praising the film, and continued; "it's been brought to our attention, that you have this film online"... (Yes, I mentioned the link.)

I promised to take it down, it was a very polite call, I've nothing against person X, no hard feelings - just disappointed, that after all the bureaucracy, spending all that time to make sure I had the necessary permissions, they'd just change their mind about it, just like that.

But then.. I'd barely ended that call, when I was contacted again - this time, from a bit higher up, by a satanic robot, who was either deaf or stupid, or perhaps both.

They started; "Something has been brought to our attention.." - I hate that kind of language, and wasting time, so I cut in, said that I knew, this was about the video, I've received a call, I've promised to take it down, but couldn't do it right there and then as I was getting ready to go and collect someone from hospital.

That cunt was NOT listening, NOT hearing. It kept demanding that I remove the video "right now", I kept repeating that I couldn't as I was on my way to collect someone from hospital.

I eventually hung up on that stupid cunt.

I've now removed the video, and learned that written permissions mean nothing.

If I didn't like the person who gave that written permission, I'd have fought this, but I don't want them to get any trouble over this, so the video is gone.

Now, they'd better not keep any copies of it, after Monday, because the film itself belongs to me, and they do not have my permission to store any copies of it anywhere, after Monday. (They have a copy of it on a USB stick, since the shortlisted three films will be shown in the auditorium, on Monday. There were four films in all, so of course, my film might not be one of the three..)

Randamu (Random)

There was a poster at work; "Make your own horror film", and I just had to go for it! =D
This was shot in less than two weeks (having spent the first 2-3 days on getting a written permission to shoot it at work, where you're usually not allowed to take photos or shoot video), during breaks, with people having different shifts, and work being done on the building itself, so the location kept changing every day.. NOT ideal! Not to mention, that I had lots of trouble with AVS4YOU, which is normally really good, but couldn't handle the amount of overlays and all, so I had to produce the film in two parts, then import those as source files to the final version, which would have lost some quality..
If I'd had more time, there are a million things I would have liked to do better, but considering our circumstances, I think I did OK..
Thanks to all the actors =P ... and to our team manager for permission to shoot this & share online =)
There was no "script" as such.. I just had a vision, and I adjusted it to make it practical within all those limits.. In my head, there's a plot, but I don't think I'll share it as I'd like to leave it open for anyone watching this, to figure out their own plot..
It was a lot of fun to make this, though! =D My original vision was a combo of Japanese horror, and David Lynch, but unfortunately, there was no time for the "David Lynch stuff" =(
All material is by myself, except for the sound of breaking glass, which is by Mike Koenig, downloaded from, License: Attribution 3.0
"It's all in your head" ...

Sunday 26 October 2014

Really quick and easy pecan & maple syrup tRat

This is a nice treat as you can store all the ingredients for a long time, and it doesn't take long to actually make it, when you want something sweet..

Above, ALL the ingredients! (These are all from LIDL.)

  • Puff pastry (I always try to keep some in the freezer)
  • Pecan nuts (one bag is enough for 3-4 tRats)
  • Maple syrup
  • One large free range egg

The puff pastry packaging has the recommended baking time and temperature. I have a fan assisted oven, so it's 200C, and while they recommend 15-20 minutes for baking, I've found that it's too much for this particular recipe - probably because it's more or less just one flat layer of the pastry, with the pecan nuts and maple syrup on top, rather than filled pastries or such, which would take a bit longer to bake. So, in my oven, this would only take about 12-13 minutes.

If you've frozen the puff pastry, it needs to be thawed first, or it'll go all crumbly.. However, if it's still partly frozen, you can get pastry "sticks" when it breaks - something like the extra bits in the picture above. (I just cut those off the sides as the sheet of pastry was too large for my oven tray.) That's kind of handy as then you won't need to cut slices of the tRat, you'll get individual snack sizes.

So, just roll out the pastry, and place it on an oven tray that's lined with baking paper. Whisk the egg, and brush the pastry sheet with it. Place the pecan nuts more or less evenly, and then pour a generous amount of maple syrup all over it.

Really, be quite generous with the maple syrup! It's surprising how much of the sweetness just seems to disappear in the oven, so if you like your treats super sweet, you might even want to sprinkle some sugar all over the tRat as it won't be über-sweet, even with plenty of maple syrup.

So good.. It'll be good for 3-4 days - unless you eat it all sooner than that =D

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Done with September

My ShutterCal - September 2014
September, in my ShutterCal

September briefly;
I continued killing time at work, while waiting for user rights.. Crochet, online courses, etc.. Had a squirrel visitor on the patio wall.. Cara destroyed my felted green pig while I was in Bray.. On extremely tight budget.. Tractors, behind the house!! =D Cat grass grew well, in the cat run, and Cara got to explore it.. Played with Asger the bear, at work.. Got Tom of Finland post, from Finland!! Hot air balloons, behind the house!! Some evening shifts, at work..

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Cara videos

Here's Cara's first visit to the cat run, which obviously isn't finished yet (I haven't had the time/money). Some more cable ties needed, and comfort, shelter, and activities..

Here's Cara, trying to pull the bandage off my finger =D

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Misc. pics again, from the last ten days

There's now a mini lawn of cat grass, in the cat run.. (Which still isn't finished as I haven't had the time/money to finish it..)

Really into roasting mixed veg, lately.. And stuffing mushrooms..

I had a little bandage on my finger, and Cara loved to pull it with her teeth =D

Some patio detail..

Cara loves the camera.. Posing for it.. Smelling it.. =)

One day, I was just sitting on the sofa, when suddenly there were hot air balloons right in front of me =D

Monday 15 September 2014

Friday 12 September 2014

Still alive - just busy

I've been busy lately, so not blogging much.. And I'm often so tired after work, that I just need to sit down and watch some telly, with Cara. I do usually facebook at the same time, but I don't have the energy to sort photos and concentrate on blogging, although there's quite a lot I'd like to be blogging about!

Anyway.. Time to go to bed again - and it's WAY too late again! =/

Saturday 6 September 2014

Naughty Cara..

I was in Bray, last night, and Cara had been very bold.. When I came home, she'd spread her dry foodies all over the place..

Then, when I went upstairs, I found a lonely Minion on the end table.. Where was my lovely green felted pig (of Angry Birds)?!?

Oh, no... Oh, no..............

NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My poor pig... =(

RIP green pig =(

Some morning pics from Thursday and Friday

I've changed teams at work, so I'm no longer doing the early mornings.. Nice to have some daylight when going to work, and not having to go to bed so early!