This & That

From old family albums
I was born on 27th October 1971, so now you know when to send me birthday pressies.. (I'm Scorpio & Chinese Pig)

From old family albums
I have never had siblings, first cousins, aunts or uncles. Plenty of second cousins, though, mainly from my mam's side.

Oimouttahere and Thatsit
I'm a cat person. I love all animals, but cats are obviously the best. I'm the Mama to Thatsit & Pushy (Oimouttahere died in 2013, Ginga died in 2012..), and I feed a few others as well..

Webcam hair snaps
If there's anything you'd like to ask me, you can do so through my Formspring profile. Check it out, it's a fun idea!

Morriscastle beach (Co. Wexford)
My Ocean is the North to my compass; the Centre of my Universe..

Stello's Profile Page
I mainly listen to music on youtube, so my list image (above) may not be that up to date..

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