Friday, 30 October 2009

My Sims 3 stuff

Front view..I can't wait to get the first EP for The Sims 3; World Adventures.. I've been following the screenshots and videos on the official TS3 site, and reading preview articles here and there.. It looks and sounds really good, and I'm especially interested in the new building tools! (And the option of building puzzles and sharing them online..)
I have a gaming blog, which is mostly about The Sims 3 and other similar games.. (No FPS stuff for me, thank you very much..) I also have a profile on the official TS3 website. You can download me there I've shared a few houses as well. My personal favourites are the two (realistic) Irish cottages, which I tried to make as authentic as possible, with what the basic game has. I was hoping that Ireland would have been included on World Adventures, instead of France, but no such luck..

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