Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hallowe'en in Stepaside

J & E had carved pumpkins
We were at J & E's in Stepaside, earlier on. They'd carved pumpkins (pictured) for Hallowe'en. Their recently adopted cat had put on some weight, and ruled her world from the sofa, between E and myself (I've only just realised that I didn't take any pictures of M, the cat! Doh!)
We had litter tray cake, which really looked like a litter tray, but tasted a lot nicer - not that I've ever tasted a litter tray, but trust me anyway!
D50 was the only one of us who wasn't wearing Hallowe'en makeup, but he killed some nazi zombies with J & E's son (who also wasn't wearing Hallowe'en makeup, as it happens - and neither was their cat.. but they don't really count as they were both doing their own thing).
J & E, Hallowe'en 2009
J & E
Monster J, trying to get in.. =D
Some madman was trying to get in, heh..
My 2-minute zombie makeup, with a kohl pen
My quickie zombie makeup, with a dead stare.. (I tampered with the photo colours, to make it look a bit more zombie..)

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