Thursday, 12 November 2009

Time for some blogthings again

You Are a Cow
You are a kind, nurturing, and caring creature. You are deeply connected to the world around you.
You have a good intuition, and you sense what people need from you. You are happy to give as much as you can.
You are a very placid creature. Because you remain so calm and cool, people seem to underestimate your mind.
You are extremely intelligent and aware, but you don't always show it. You're more likely to reflect on your thoughts than share them with the world.

Your Fashion Style is Casual
You prefer to keep it laid back. Jeans and a t-shirt are practically your uniform.
And when you dress up, you're still the most informal person in the room. Dressing formally makes you feel stuffy.
Just because you're casual, it doesn't mean you're unfashionable. In fact, you often look effortlessly chic.
You know how to rock a perfect fitting pair of jeans and a funky t-shirt. Not many adults can pull off your look, but you can!

I'm pretty far from chic! LOL

You Are Honest and Open
You are a very honest person, yet you somehow avoid being brutally honest with people.
You know that the truth often does hurt, so you try to cushion the blow as much as possible. And because of your approach, people do appreciate your honesty.
You're the type of person who complements before you criticize. You try to put the truth in perspective and make it seem not so dire.
And whenever you're stating your opinion, you make it clear that it's just that ... your point of view. You can only speak your own personal truth.

People Love That You Are Responsible and Dependable
You're the type of person who can make decisions easily, and you don't mind leading or directing people.
It's likely that you're friends look to you to figure out what to do when you get together. It may feel like a burden, but take it as a complement.
Your friends also know that they can turn to in times of crisis or deep trouble. You can help out in an effective manor.
Your pals may complain every now and then that you're a little too responsible, especially when you want to call it a night early. In the end, though, they appreciate that they can count on you.

That's not me.

You Are Cinnamon Flavored Toothpaste
You are passionate about most things in life, and you really put your all into anything you undertake.
You believe life should be lived fully and well. You probably even get really into brushing your teeth.
You have strong preferences. You tend to either deeply love something or hate it fully.
And when you do love something, you tend to overdo it a bit. Moderation is not really a word in your vocabulary.

Am not!

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