Sunday, 15 November 2009

Watching telly online

I may have found a new favourite.. =D Lots of movies and TV programmes, all available for free. (Thanks to Tiina for posting a link on Facebook.)

I watched a little bit of the American pilot for Kath & Kim, and got totally disgusted.. I LOVE the original Australian series, and it makes me angry to see it ruined like that.

Then I started watching the first episode of Dollhouse (season 1). I missed it when it was on some Irish or UK channel, but it sounded potentially interesting. The episode got stuck, after the first 5+ minutes, so no joy there.. I'm going to try again later, but if that keeps happening, then obviously I'm just going to be generally disappointed with that site.

I've also watched free stuff on RTE Player (Ireland only), where selected programmes are available for three weeks after they've been on TV, and 4oD (UK & Ireland only), where they have lots of stuff available, like Black Books, etc.. =D

If anyone knows of more such services, which are free and work in Ireland, feel free to leave a comment with a link..

Edited: I've received two links that I haven't tried yet, but will try, one of these days; CastTV and TV Shack.

Edited2: There are also Yidio, TVduck and Sidereel..


  1. is not working though ;(

  2. Well, it'll be back..