Monday, 14 December 2009

Car launch, 4th parcel, and a pre-Christmas party

Opel Astra launch
I must have pigsbacked myself to some list as I received an invite to last Saturday's Opel Astra launch. We'd no other plans, so we went to check it out. They had face painting and Santa as well! :o LOL..

Opel Astra launch BMW bike Mazda Promise
We actually ended up ogling at a BMW city bike (I didn't know that they do bicycles! Recession BMW?) and a nice Mazda Promise, which looked a bit retro, although you can't really see it in the pictures.

Christmas parcel #4..
My mam broke her previous record, and sent us FOUR Christmas parcels, this year! :O The last one arrived on Saturday, and included a bag of Taffel cheesy poofs! =D You can get similar stuff in Ireland, but they don't taste nice at all.. So, occasionally, I really miss the Finnish version, and it was lovely to get some! Having already munched it all, though, I don't think I'll be missing any for a good while.. LOL..

Christmas parcel #4.. Christmas parcel #4.. Christmas parcel #4..
More Christmas pressies, etc..

Christmas parcel #4..
Must get some more Christmas wrap..

Christmas parcel #4.. Christmas parcel #4.. Christmas parcel #4..
These small plastic angels were bought for my late dad, when he was a child.

Christmas parcel #4..

Some Finnish essentials for J&E&E Some Finnish essentials for J&E&E Christmas hamper from J&E
Later in the evening, we went to J&E's (Stepaside) for a little pre-Christmas party.

Christmas tree in Stepaside

Meara wants to go out

Chicken & veg in Stepaside

Gingerbread in Stepaside

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