Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmassy moments..

Christmas RTE Guide, Fazer Blue chocolate & Marli glogg - mmmmm...
Between wrapping pressies, making cards, etc., I've had some peaceful Christmassy moments in the attic.. Like reading the RTE Guide Christmas edition, eating Fazer Blue chocolate and drinking Marli glogg =)

Christmas presents Christmas presents
Nowadays, it's challenging to buy presents that need to be sent by post.. No liquids, no glass, no this, no that.. So, trying to find things that are not massively heavy, and don't contain anything that's not allowed in the post.

Christmas presents Christmas presents

I miss the world from around ten years ago, when everything wasn't forbidden. For example, a friend of mine once sent me several bottles of different beers, from the USA, by post! You just could not do something like that anymore. We also used to send a bottle of whiskey to Finland, for Christmas. Nowadays, no can do.. (Well, unless you get it from a web shop with delivery to the recipient - I don't do that, though.. It's so impersonal.)

Christmas presents Christmas presents
Yes, these things are Christmas presents, but the people who will get them are not online, so they won't see the pics..

Christmas presents

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