Saturday, 2 January 2010

Grey Gardens, and Grey Gardens

The other night, I watched Grey Gardens, the movie. I didn't know much about it, but vaguely remembered reading something about the eccentric Edith Bouvier Beales (the two of them..), years and years ago..

What a fascinating story! And somehow very sad as well, although they didn't necessarily find it a sad life, even if it would have seemed sad to other (saner..) people.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange were awesome, and I couldn't believe the brilliant makeup effects! :O I have never before seen so authentic looking fake old people..

There was a bizarre twist, after the movie.. I was channel-hopping, and happened to land on another channel, which was showing Grey Gardens, the documentary! So, I could compare the movie characters to the real people, immediately after watching the movie. That made the acting seem even better.

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