Saturday, 6 February 2010

My Pinky! (Camera horror..)

We were out, earlier on, and I was going to take a picture (as I do..), only to find that my Pinky is acting strange.. (Pinky = pink Olympus FE-340) When I switched it on, it'd make a funny sound, and the zoom was going mental (out, in, out, in..). Whenever I managed to get it on some setting where the zoom would calm down, I couldn't focus on anything at all.

I googled about the problem, and found some DIY suggestions that might help, so I'm going to try those and hope for the best - the battery is being charged, at the moment.. It's not possible that there's sand or grit in the mechanism, though (as suggested on the linked page), because I'm really anal with my camera. Really anal.

I'm going to be devastated if Pinky won't work anymore as I pretty much live through it. There's always my good old Lenore (Nikon CP5700), but it's big and bulky, and its battery lasts about five minutes.. My phone cam (on Nokia 6233) is so poor that it's not really an option..

Added later: Woohoo!! I charged the Pinky battery, and Pinky is now working normally again! =D Massive relief! I'm hoping that she's back to normal for good..

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