Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A little bit of gardening..

We got a splash of colour for the back garden, yesterday. Above; Pieris Japonica 'Forest Flame' (the red one, with small white flowers that look like lily of the valley), €12.95.. Spiraea Japonica 'Golden Princess' (the one with small yellow leaves), €7.50.. Euryops Pectinatus 'Silver Star' (yellow flowers), €3.95.. All from Grange Growers, Kilternan.


  1. They look great together, and the Japonica "Forest Flame" really is striking.

  2. Saanhan laittaa suomeiksi?Mahtavia hankintoja voikun meilläkin pääsisi rapsutteleen kukkapenkkiä.

  3. Weird.. Blogger was showing the number of comments, but no comments.. I copied & pasted them from email, and THEN the original comments appeared..

    PS, saa toki kommentoida myos suomeksi =)

  4. Hi Stella,

    Gorgeous flowers - haven't done mine for the spring yet and may check out the place in Kilternan. Am also living in Bray, transplanted from elsewhere.

    I have a Finnish friend in my bookclub who is in her 30s - lives further south in Co. Wicklow - I will have to tell her I "found" you here! We read Popular Music, a Finnish novel, earlier this year - a kind of coming of age story.

    And I also love scrapbooking, though am feeling less artistic and more eager to simply have it done these days - and am into photography, so will pop in to your blog and see what you're up to occasionally!

    Happy Spring = )

  5. Hi Tara =)

    I can recommend Grange Growers - we only found the place last year, but had already bought most of our plants from Woodies.

    I've read that book in Finnish. It's very funny!

    I'll try and be more active with this blog, too. I've let my recent photos (virtually) pile up on the computer, so once I get them uploaded to flickr, I'll have more photo material =)