Friday, 18 February 2011

Vintage grief, etc.

There's a certain vintage filter on Slide, which I've always loved. I've used it on some of my slideshows, dreaming of having it available as a layer to be used on my offline projects.. But, since it's not available, I thought I'd have a go at making my own vintage layer. I started by taking some webcam snaps with the ManyCam sepia setting (and Logitech Fusion camera) - to suit the sepia tone and vintage filter, I made some expressions of grief..

Grief 2/5 - raw snap Grief 2/5
Above, the first picture is straight from the webcam, and the second picture is the final version where I've created fake focus by blurring the background, and then added my homemade vintage layer. Considering it's just a bunch of webcam snaps, and the editing (incl. filter creation) only took some minutes, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Must try if that filter layer works with better pics, like landscapes or such..

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