Monday, 14 March 2011

Cheap Flights (funny, if you're just watching the video, but...)

So true.. I thought I'd avoid at least some of that extra fee crap, when booking with Aer Lingus, rather than Ryanair, but no.. Once I'd picked my flights, I was pleasantly surprised with the total price, but after taxes & charges, handling fee (WTF? who's handling what? I sorted it all online myself - shouldn't I get paid this handling fee then??), pre-paid bag fee and travel insurance - hell, I even spent €1 on SMS confirmation fee (handy, in the unlikely event of me forgetting to take the booking reference print-out with me..), I actually paid €251.63 total. OK, still not the worst, but it was a hell of a lot more than before all those extra fees..
Oh, but wait, that wasn't all.. Once I'd booked and paid, I was actually asked to select seats on both flights. There was no option to cancel it and leave it to be done at check-in! And the minimum fee per selected seat was €5, so I ended up paying an extra €10, just to select seats, which I didn't even want to do as I don't fuckin' care where I'm seated, FFS..
So, yeah.. I can relate to that video..

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