Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Down to Earth / Magazine / Red M&M

You Are Down to Earth
You are a sincere and truly nice person. When you're kind to people, you mean it.
You strive to build close relationships. You can bring stability and support to the lives of others.
You are predictable, stable, and consistent. You take pride in being able to be counted on.
You are a team player, and you enjoy pitching in to do your part. You are a very social creature.

You Are a Magazine
You are flexible, laid back, and open to the world. You are a total novelty seeker, and you always appreciate new eye candy.
You are a natural daydreamer. If you had your way, you would live several lives at once.
You are very smart - but in more of a "street smart" than "book smart" sort of way.
Your mind just operates on a totally different plane. You are able to take in a lot more information than most people.

You Are a Red M&M
You are an enthusiastic and easily excitable person. The world is brimming with so many possibilities for you.
You have a lot of energy that comes in short bursts. You are easily inspired, and your flame burns brightly.
You are very creative and mentally sharp. You don't stick to anything for too long, but your intensity makes up for lack of attention span.
Your dreams (and daydreams) are active and colorful. You believe that you're capable of anything.

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