Saturday, 12 March 2011

Orange and Green

Your Name is Orange
Your name tells people that your are flamboyant and vibrant. The amount of energy that you have is simply amazing.
You are enthusiastic about everything that comes your way. You love having new experiences and trying new things.
People see you as bold and even a little wild. You can be an overwhelming force.
You tend to get noticed a lot, and to be honest, you feel a bit sad when people aren't paying attention to you.

That's pretty feckin' far from me, actually, but at least it goes visually with my ocean;

Your Name is Green
Your name tells people that you are harmonious and balanced. You've got it together, and it shows.
You are hopeful and optimistic. You know it's not over until it's over, and you keep fighting until the end.
People see you as peaceful to the point of being zen. You won't allow anything to get under your skin.
You struggle with envy at times, but you never let it show. You believe that jealousy is a weakness, and you try not to let yourself indulge in it.

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