Friday, 25 March 2011

WAYN to go

I've been joining all kinds of social networking sites and such, over the years, just to see what they're like - if they've been fun (like myspace used to be and Facebook still is), I've stayed active, if not, I've moved on..

I don't remember when I joined WAYN, but it was one of those sites where I never stayed active. There was the odd email notification, and some time ago, I followed one and played with the profile editor for a while - then I left again. But suddenly I started getting a lot more email from the site, telling me about complete strangers viewing my profile, rating my picture, sending me messages or gifts, wanting to meet up, asking advice, etc. :o

It started to feel like being a member of some desperate dating site, so I removed my profile. I'm just blogging this to remind myself not to join that particular site again! LOL.. (Nothing against it, it's just not for me.)

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