Saturday, 2 April 2011

Air, with Natural Colours

You Are Air
You are a quirky, flighty, and zany person. You change with the wind.
You are highly creative and often inspired. You love to be spontaneous and hate restrictions.
You have a yearning for travel and adventure. You want to have a wild and crazy life.
You actually feel a bit more balanced when there is structure and stability in your life, but you avoid it.

I think I've already posted the next one, but I can't be bothered to check;

Your Colors Are Natural
Your colors are drawn from nature - greens, browns, and a few vivid accents.
You are down to earth and realistic. You do your best to see things clearly.
You have a broad perspective, and you don't rush to judgment. You aren't overly emotional.
You can find balance in your life easily, and you tend to have a calming presence. You are very together.

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