Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I like milk...

You Are Milk
You are caring and nurturing. You like to make sure that your friends are well fed and well loved.
As long as the basics are covered for you, you're happy. All you seek is a roof over your head and a full stomach.
You are a calming influence on others. You haven't figured out why or how, but you're a pretty naturally peaceful person.
You help remind people of simpler, easier times. You make others feel like everything is going to be okay.

Your Spiritual Number is Four
You bring stability and order into people's lives.
You are a devoted friend, and you are able to help other get out of extremely chaotic situations.
Right now, your life is about making difficult choices and complicated decisions.
You find yourself at a crossroads, and you can't stall any longer.
While you may be going through a confusing time, you are confident that you will do the right thing.
You have the courage to do what's best, even when it's hard.

You Are a Calculator
No matter what someone tells you, you're likely to focus on facts and data.
You're a highly analytic person. You are only concerned with what you can know for sure.
You look at situations objectively, and you have no problem approaching problems from multiple angles.
You would make a good analyst or investment banker. You are confident enough to make tough calls and hard decisions.

You Take the Road No One Travels
You see romantic love as what's most important in life. A deep connection with someone else is the primary thing you crave.
You often find yourself rushing through life. You don't take as much time as you'd like to enjoy the little things.
You are all about risk and randomness in your life. You travel off the beaten path... in fact, you're often the one carving the way!
Eh, work is not really for you. You're all about playtime! You'll work if you have to, but you really don't like it.
You could have owned an indie bookstore or boutique in another life.

You Are An Independent Artist
You're the type of artist who likes to take risks. For you, art is all about experimenting.
You tend to push the envelope. Your art has as many critics as it does fans.
You feel like no one truly understands your art or your vision. No matter what, you remain true to yourself.
You are resilient. Being an artist is challenging, but you won't ever stop creating.

You Are a Summer Person
You are energetic, outgoing, and active.
You love to be out and about... hanging out with friends or getting things done.
Summer is the perfect time for you to be as hyper as you want to be.
In fact, during the rest of the year you feel half-asleep!

You Are the Very Gay Peppermint Patty!
Softball is the huge tipoff here...
As well as a "best friend" who loves to call her "sir"

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