Friday, 1 April 2011

Tranquil & Creative

You Are Tranquil
You are able to stand back and really appreciate the ebb and flow of life. You find peace even in troubled times.
You know that all bad things eventually pass, and you have a broad perspective that others yearn for.
You focus on the present as much as possible. You aren't weighed down by thoughts of the past or future.
You seek balance, and with that balance comes bliss. You have found your happy place, and you're content to stay there a while.

I was equally drawn to this;

You Are Creative
You see inspiration where other people see nothing. You have an amazing eye for beauty.
You appreciate everyone and everything in this world. You actually like flaws. Perfection is overrated!
You can always find a way to entertain yourself and dream a little. You believe in endless possibilities.
You are a very visual person, and at times you can be overwhelmed by all you are seeing. The world can be an intense place.

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