Sunday, 1 May 2011

I'm still in Imatra

My USB connection has been quite dodgy here in Imatra, and the house connection is down, at the moment, so I haven't been online that much. (Well, the USB connection works fine late at night, but I've gone to bed quite early and gotten up around 7am, so no time & energy left for blogging or such..)

Lots of photos to upload - thanks to Hm who lets me use her camera while here! My own Pinky (Olympus FE-340) is bollixed, and only takes very stripy photos now, so if I didn't have Hm's camera, I'd only have my mobile camera, which is not that great.. (Nokia 6700 Slide) I might have the time to upload some photos when I go to Helsinki, but if not, I'll do it when I go home, on Saturday.

The flat is starting to look bigger, now that most of the small stuff is gone and only the furniture is waiting to be collected.. Not much time left, but hopefully it'll all be sorted by Wednesday as I'd like to go to Helsinki then. Or maybe on Thursday.. We'll see..

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