Monday, 23 May 2011

New camera & Obama moment

With my new camera (who doesn't have a name yet..) With my new camera (who doesn't have a name yet..)
Here we are - myself and my new Nikon Coolpix P500 =)

My previous camera went all stripey on me, in Finland, and it was agony to be without a proper camera (=using just the phone cam & webcam). So, I really, really wanted to go and buy a new one, although today was perhaps not the best day to pick for it as Barack Obama is visiting Ireland.. However, I checked the bus route, and managed to get almost to St. Stephen's Green with a 145, just having to walk the last bit from Leeson Street. I was going to the Camera Centre on Grafton Street.

I'd been thinking of getting a Nikon CP L120, which seemed OK for the price range I had in mind, but they didn't have those, and they didn't recommend them, either. So, they showed me two better ones that were around the same price. I asked to see the next one up, and that was the one I bought. €450 for the camera, €30 for the 2gb card & camera bag, and €40 for an extra battery as I know I'll need it.

There were gardaí everywhere, and it was bizarre to see normally so busy streets so quiet (as they'd been closed for traffic). I was thinking of staying, to see Obama at 5pm, but it would have meant loitering in Dublin for a few hours, and I didn't have much money left, after buying the camera, so it would have meant a cheapo junk food meal somewhere, etc.. So, I decided to just head home and play with my new camera...

There I was, walking to the DART station, but got Obama-blocked anyway.. And then, guess who drove by! =D It's funny, actually, I've also spotted the whole royal family of Sweden, driving by in Helsinki (90's, I think), and the late Princess Margaret, in London ('89 or '90).

First snaps with my new camera..

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