Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some foodies, for a change

Tesco mini garlic & coriander naan bread Tesco onion & garlic dip
My appetite has been a bit f*cked, since December, more or less.. I went months with mainly tuna salads and bagels (as any flickr friends or blog readers may have noticed..), and then there was that stressful trip to Finland, etc. Nowadays, I'm not that much into tuna salads anymore, but I'm definitely not "back to normal", either. Can't really face most meats, for example. I used to love rashers, but even the smell is horrible now.

So, it's nice to find something that really makes me want to stuff my face - like these Tesco mini garlic & coriander naan breads, which are just the right size for a toaster, and taste delicious with the Tesco onion & garlic dip! (No, this wasn't sponsored by Tesco - unfortunately!)

Toasted naan bread with onion & garlic dip

Bagel 1/2 Bagel 2/2
Bagels are still good, too. My current favourite is a plain bagel with lettuce, chorizo, cheese, onion & garlic dip, and olives.. Yum!

Tesco Swiss black cherry yogurt, mmmm.. Tesco Swiss black cherry yogurt, mmmm..
Not forgetting yogurts.. I've rediscovered them, lately.. This Tesco Swiss black cherry yogurt is my current #1. It's perfect!

Salmon with salad
And this salmon was gorgeous with iceberg lettuce & French dressing, mmm..

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