Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nuked salmon with salad

Nuked salmon with salad
This is one of my favourite ways of having salmon - and it's probably the quickest and easiest way to cook it as well!

See the picture above.. Cut small chunks of salmon (about two fingers wide), and organise them on an empty plate as in the picture*, leaving the centre of the plate empty. (You'll be adding the salad or other stuff later..) There's no need to oil the plate first, and I don't add any seasoning, either. Just the chunks of salmon.

*There is actually a reason to arrange the chunks of salmon like this - it's the best part of the plate for balanced nuking! I've experimented with this..

Then, nuke the salmon! =D (Yes, that means microwaving it..) In our nuker, it takes about one minute and 20-30 seconds for this amount of salmon, but it's good to keep watching it as if you nuke it too far, you might have a little salmon explosion in the nuker, and that's a joy to clean.. If you hear any tiny bursts at all, it's probably done. (Just in case anyone happens to be totally unfamiliar with salmon - when it's raw, it's kind of orange, and when it's done, it's the kind of pink you see in this photo..)

Now, just add your salad, or whatever you're having with it. (Not a fan of salad? Try mash or chips / pasta / rice / bread..) I like a simple salad, so here I had just iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and stuffed olives, with French dressing.

I also love the mild flavour of salmon itself, so I never add anything to it. No salt, no seasoning of any kind.. However, I've tried it with adding prawns to the salad and using sweet chilli sauce for dressing, and that was quite lovely as well.

It's healthy, it tastes really good, it looks good, and it only takes a few minutes to make =)

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